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Being a Coach Motivated Me Even More...

Blog Article ImageAlongside my own contest prep, I took on an even more challenging role as a contest prep coach.  I can honestly say watching someone execute your plan and achieve success was even more fulfilling than achieving my own contest success. 

I may be a little bit spoiled in the student department, but I was lucky to have a client who not only consistently gave 100% effort, but also trusted me completely.  I was the master of her training, nutrition, posing and sometimes even her social life!

I would like to think that we both exceeded the other’s expectations.  With each phase of prep I presented to her, I felt I had to work even harder myself to set a good example and practice what I was preaching.  Watching her on stage was such a proud moment for me; I literally jumped out of my chair.  This perfect dynamic would not have been possible without her incredible effort, my unending support and of course HMB to keep us both going hard in the gym and recovering in time to get right back at it the next day!

Posted on May 31, 2013


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