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Behind the scenes with Strongman Spenser Remick

Blog Article ImageWe took the time to catch up with Strongman Spenser Remick to see what’s ahead of him this upcoming year!

Q: After winning Iowa’s Strongest Man and now that you’re Strongman season has wound down, what have you been up to?
SR: After winning Iowa’s Strongest Man, my training has primarily been targeted towards powerlifting. I am planning on competing in a UPA Powerlifting meet on November 15 in Dubuque, Iowa. I have been spending quite a bit of time in Kentucky for work, and am also planning on competing in Kentucky’s Strongest Man on November 8. With the intensity and frequency that I train at, I shouldn’t have any trouble doing strength competitions back-to-back weekends. It will also give me an opportunity to compete against some different faces, since most of the local competitions I have done have been in the Midwest.

Q: What are you doing in order to prep for these two upcoming competitions?
SR: In preparation for the UPA Powerlifting meet, my training has been dedicated to improving my squat, as well as working to keep my upper body healthy. I took a full 6 months off from bench pressing after tearing a pec last year, and I’m actually hitting higher bench numbers now than I was before I had that injury. I still incorporate quite a bit of overhead work into my regular training so that I can stay prepared for strongman contests as well. This will definitely help me be ready for Kentucky’s Strongest Man.

Q: Do you have any short terms goals before then?  Any new prs you would like to set?
SR: At this stage of my training, my primary goal is to stay healthy. As far as PR’s, I would like to squat 660, bench 475, and deadlift 725 or more in the UPA powerlifting meet. These would all be meet PR’s for me, and should give me a very respectable raw total.  In general, I would still like to bench 500+, and I am planning to break the 400 lb log press barrier in the next year.

Q: Have you changed anything specific up in your training regimen currently?
SR: In preparation for this meet, I have made a stronger focus on increasing my total amount of heavy (80% or more) volume. I feel that training like this has helped me increase my work capacity, as well as gain some size, which is always important!

Q: How has HMB been able to aid you in your training?
SR: HMB has been very crucial in my training the past several months. I rarely have issues being fully recovered for my next training session. I am able to grind through more reps, as well as feel more prepared to train at a high level on heavy training days. This has been huge for me when training for powerlifting, which will involve 9 lifts, perhaps over a 12-hour span. I have found that it is very important to be able to recover from one movement to another. A powerlifting meet (to me) feels like 3 separate training sessions in one day. HMB has been a huge contributor in my ability to recover, especially since I have recently been training twice a day on Saturday and Sunday in order to prepare for these demands.

Q: What do you think is one of the biggest challenges to being a competitive Strongman/strength athlete?
SR: One of the biggest challenges I have faced as a competitive strength athlete is finding a training routine that allows you to recover while still making progress in your training. This often involves making sacrifices, particularly in your social life. Most people aren’t willing to go to bed at 9:00 PM on a Saturday night to get up at 6 AM to train on a Sunday. I have never felt as though I was missing out on anything more important than my training by sacrificing a weekend night out and about. Many people aren’t willing to make these sacrifices, and the ones that are disciplined enough are the ones who are successful on competition day.

Q: What’s your favorite event to compete in for Strongman? Why?
SR: My favorite event to compete in for strongman would be the farmer’s walk/frame carry.  I think the reason why I enjoy them so much is that I don’t feel a necessity to spend a ton of time training them, because my grip has always been a strongpoint, and heavy carries are pretty taxing on your whole body. I enjoy these events in competition because it is a very intense event that is usually head to head, and it’s a very pure measure of strength- pick up this heavy thing and see who can carry it the fastest.

Q: What’s your least favorite event to compete in for Strongman? Why?
SR: My LEAST FAVORITE event to do in a competition is the truck pull. It takes forever for the field to get through, and it’s completely exhausting, especially when a heavy truck is involved. I have always felt like a truck pull completely kills the momentum of a competition. It is great entertainment for the spectators, which is important, but I have never been a fan of them.

Q: Do you primarily train Strongman events or do more strength training in general?
SR: I will spend more time training events as a competition is coming up, but throughout my regular training, I spend most of my time squatting, benching, deadlifting, and overhead pressing. This gives me a strong strength base, and allows me to transition into event training much easier. Event training is very intense, and I’ve always had a difficult time dialing in my training when I start doing event work. I have a hard time not training the day before and after event training, but I know it is something I’m going to have to become more disciplined with in order to have better success in events in the future.

Q: What does the future hold for Spenser Remick? 
SR: After the powerlifting meet I’m planning on doing in November, I am going to totally re-focus my training towards strongman. In 2015, I am planning on competing in a few Pro-Am Strongman competitions, where amateurs compete against professionals, and the highest finishing amateur gains professional status. I am also excited about strongman in the upcoming year knowing that the National Championships will be held in Dubuque, Iowa. It will be nice to have a 2 hour drive to get to Nationals, rather than a 12 or 14 hour drive like it has been the past few years. As far as everything else, I’m going to continue to work on being more well-rounded in my training, and have a big year in 2015. HMB will undoubtedly play a big role in my continued success in training, competition, and recovery from both.

Thanks for sharing all the upcoming events and news!  We wish you the best of luck with your two competitions this November! 

Posted on October 27, 2014


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