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Blog Article ImageNew personal records are fun.  They aren’t just another exclamation point in my workout book (or a smiley face sticker)… they are proof that a consistent workout regimen, supplementing with HMB, and determination work. Every week I’m breaking my best achievements and feeling on top of the world. I’m setting myself up for a miraculous come back and proving I can be at the top of my fitness game while not prepping for a competition.  People do not need to compete in order to make strides in their overall health.

What I have come to find out is that it’s the everyday things one does that reflect how their physique will look months down the road. Sure you can eat pizza and fries one day, but keep doing it consistently and give it two months; chances are you won’t be happy with the reflection in the mirror. There is certainly nothing wrong with chowing down a few times a week…pizza challenge anyone?  Just be sure to keep the diet clean the rest of the week, or a lot of extra cardio sessions will be in order.

My mental state is day and night from being able to live a normal life, go out with friends, and not be chained to the gym twice a day.  At times I feel like an outsider looking in with a twinge of pain for those who are in the gym twice a day. Not only can that lead to some serious burn out, but I can only imagine the injuries down the road from overuse.  I know girls, who during competition prep,are in the gym three times in a given 24 hour period. I get that they want to win, but it’s not exactly the healthiest lifestyle to lead, and the whole point of this for me was to be healthy. I finally have that nailed down and would be proud to have someone follow in my footsteps. I don’t recommend drastic measures or twice a day workouts. I think that a well-rounded, holistic attitude towards the gym and dieting can change someone’s life and body.  You don’t need to work out twice a day to reach your best records. Once a day, 5 days a week and help from HMB equates to physical strength and optimism I didn’t realize I had.

Less is more, and a reduced amount of time in the gym means more time with those who you care about most!   Don’t be a slave to the gym, get there, do some work, go home to grow!

Posted on February 28, 2012


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