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Back-to-Back Strongman Competitions | Justin Blake

Earlier this month I had the privilege of competing in two super high quality Strongman competitions. The contests were on back-to-back weekends, which presents a rather tough challenge in itself, not to mention the chosen weights at both contests were at a very high level. Recovery was definitely a key factor to perform well over this time span. That is my main reason for continued use of HMB. The muscle recovery benefits are consistently there.

The first contest was Michigan's Strongest Man 3. Held in Michigan's own "German Town" of Frankenmuth, the contest is rightfully nicknamed the Battle in Bavaria. It was a hot day with some wicked events being contested. The car squat was brutally heavy, the Mammoth dumbbells in the press medley were impossibly huge, the Mammoth Farmers carry implements were extremely difficult to turn with, the front hold with a rack of sausages was a total shoulder buster, and the carry medley included a 55 gallon barrel with 200 lbs. of sloshing water that was out of control. Clearly the events were very well thought out, challenging, and including some local flavor, no pun intended! I competed in the Heavyweight class and there were five total competitors. Points flip flopped back and forth all day and I finished a respectable third when it was all over. A great contest was in the books and it was time for me to look forward to the 105KG Pro Am in Indiana the next weekend.

The second contest came with another six grueling events. With my body weight being low, I was looking forward to competing against some top level guys in my own weight class. The six events included a truck pull, log press, keg toss for height, frame carry and monster chain drag, and lastly the atlas stone load. It was extremely nice to have most of this contest under a fair pavilion and out of the sun. Although I finished 7th out of 15, I had some highlights throughout the day to be proud of, especially deadlifting 850 lbs. on a partial truck tire deadlift. The keg toss and atlas stones were also some good events for me. Admittedly my strongman training has been minimal this year. I can say I am in great shape on a conditioning and strength level and was just a bit rusty on all the strongman events over the two contests. This proved true as I found the truck pull and chain drag to be rather easy events, I was just lacking a bit on the quickness and technique that I am normally very sharp on. So regardless of my finish I was very happy with those couple highlights and had another great time at this contest as well. 

Now I am looking forward to 105Kg America's Strongest Man in Altanta on Oct 31st. This will be my eighth time competing in this contest and I'm looking to get back on the podium! With maximized muscle recovery from HMB I am really looking forward to what I can accomplish over the next 8 weeks.

Posted on August 25, 2015


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