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Back from the 2011 Arnold Classic

Blog Article ImageThe 2011 Arnold Classic Weekend has been completed.  What a crazy event that everybody needs to attend at least once.  There is something for everyone to see ranging from the Greatest Strongman Show in the World to the Fencing or Dance Sport enthusiasts.  They announced during the opening on Friday that there were 14 Olympic Sports represented in 2011 along with many more Big Time events that all revolve around the Fitness Industry's Big Show.  Once again it made for a lot of great people watching.  There is never a dull moment!  Not only was it great to see all of the World Class Athletes, but it was great to see the number of families and young kids competing in several events designed for young athletes.
I spent a good part of the weekend running the GNC Grip Gauntlet with my brothers Karl and Wade.  I mention this a lot, but it is tremendous to be able to travel with my brothers. We always have a good time catching up and harassing each other in addition to putting a dent in any buffet table.  The Grip Gauntlet is comprised of the 210 Lb. Rolling Thunder, the 50 Lb. Blob and a 200 Lb. Gripper.  We had over 2,000 people try their skill at completing the Gauntlet, but just a couple were able to complete all three of the events.  This is always a great opportunity to talk with old friends and meet a lot of new ones along the way.  We have many of the same people try this event every year, and although it is not always possible to remember everyone's name it is great to see a familiar face and have a chance to talk a little. 
I competed in the GNC Pro Performance AMP IPF Deadlift Championship on Saturday.  This is a great event that always follows Strongman on Saturday.  The crowd is at its peak around the main stage.  I had a great training cycle leading up to the contest, and felt I was ready for a PR pull, but I was a little flat on Saturday and did not have my best day.  I was able to pull an 843 to win the heaviest deadlift, but 887 on my third attempt stalled at the knees. This event was filled with big deadlifts.  Nick Weite and Pat McGettigan both went over the 800 mark with 826 and 804 respectively.  The star of the show was 198 Lb, 17 year old Ian Bell.  Ian is the son of the legendary multi-time IPF World Champion Gene Bell.  Ian won the body weight (Wilkes) category and stunned the crowd by pulling 788. In my opinion, based on his age and bodyweight, it was one of the greatest pulls in the history of the sport.
I had a great chance to unwind on Saturday night with fellow Team HMB athletes Bryan Dermody and Eric Todd. It was a great opportunity to discuss training and catch up with everybody.  Bryan Dermody and I will be competing at the GNC Pro Deadlift competition at the NPC Empire Classic in Spokane, Washington in April so we were already plotting our training for the next event.
Train hard, stay healthy, set your goals high, and don't forget to add GNC Pro Performance HMB to your supplement list!
Brad Gillingham

Posted on March 8, 2011


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