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Attenuation of Protein Degradation by HMB

In recent research regarding HMB, the mechanism as to how HMB attenuates protein degradation induced by lipopolysaccharide (LPS) was evaluated.  HMB is known for its ability to inhibit protein degradation in the body, but the mechanism as to how HMB does this is still being investigated.  Researchers Russell and Tisdale wanted to see exactly how HMB reduces the severity of protein breakdown.  They found that 50 μM of HMB was able to completely attenuate total protein degradation.  HMB was able to do this by decreasing the effect LPS has on protein synthesis in the body.  In their first study, Russell and Tisdale found that LPS reduced protein synthesis by 40 to 50 percent at a concentration of one to 100 ng/mL.  By hindering the cellular signally events of LPS, HMB was ultimately able to minimize protein breakdown.  This research suggests that HMB may be useful in lowering muscle atrophy.  Along with resistance training, HMB works to decrease protein degradation while simultaneously increasing protein synthesis to give greater lean mass and strength gains.

More about this study can be found at  For more about HMB, check out and continue to look for information about HMB studies in the research blog!


Posted on January 19, 2010


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