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Attacking Each Opportunity | Philita Wheeler

It’s been a busy summer for me!  If you have been thinking I am MIA, you are kind of right! I have traveled more this summer than my entire life combined!   It’s been fun filled with family vacations, boat trips, and weddings.  I am just about exhausted from all my trips!  However, not to worry, I’ve been extremely active this summer and in the gym every chance I have been able to!  I used my vacation and travel time for off days or cardio so I could be outside and enjoy the scenery. I think my body has responded well to this and is now ready to increase the intensity of my training and be back in the gym full time! I’m still taking my HMB to aid in recovery and keep pushing myself!  Whether I am running or lifting I rely on HMB to give me that extra edge in recovery.

Aside from all my traveling I’ve been at my clients doing accounting work, training people in the gym, and teaching Business Law again!  Additionally, my accounting career has taken a turn towards the fitness industry.  I work with fitness industry folks and coach them financially! There is money to be made and saved in the industry; you just need to know how to do it. This has led to being published in Oxygen’s Australian magazine with my article titled, “Fitness on a Budget.”  Check out my article here! Not only that, but I have much more in the works to be announced at a later date.
Of course everyone has been asking, “When I am competing again?”  I am not 100% sure on that right now, my business has taken off and I’m spending every spare moment growing that. When and if I commit to a show I will be sure to post it here first! I will say that it’s in my thoughts and I am looking at the calendar.

- Philita Wheeler, Fitness Model/Financial Coach/NPC Figure Competitor

Posted on September 28, 2016


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