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Athlete Interview - Jared Enderton

Jared Enderton Interview

Q: Hey Jared, thanks for taking some time to chat with us today!  What’s new with Jared Enderton? 
JE: No problem! It’s always fun to do these interviews. I’m still recovering from that sushi throw down we had with Sam Dancer last month haha! It was good to see you guys (and Sam) again. After talking to Sam, I am also going to try out for the Grid League this year. That should be a great experience whether I make it or not! I’m very confident about the 5 elements that make up the Grid Score. I think the Pro Day will be the real test for me. Oh, and as we speak I’m having to chase our cats off the Christmas tree. They keep trying to climb it and are knocking off all the ornaments. They’re pretty ornery.

Q: I know you’ve been busy with weightlifting seminars… How is coaching going and what’s coming up for Enderton Strength Seminars?
JE: Yes, very busy! The seminars have been going great. I am all finished up for 2014 and on to 2015 with the seminars. The seminars are so good for me as a coach and as an athlete. I train alone a lot, so from a selfish standpoint it’s just cool to be lifting in front of people. I am headed to the UK for a tour in January and am booked through March already. I am going to slow the pace of seminars down a bit after that though (limiting it to 2x/month). I love doing them, but late in 2014 the traveling caught up to me a bit. Going to take a long-term approach and make sure I give 100% of my energy at every single seminar!

Q: I know you’ve been having some issues with your hip you had surgery on… what have you had to do to make adjustments?
JE: Yeah, I’ve been a little worried the past 2 months. It started getting that same “tightness” it had before. Last time, I pushed through thinking it was a strained muscle and eventually couldn’t even do a 1/4th squat. This time, I rested it. I guess we all get a little wiser with age, right? I trained hard again this week with no issues. I just have to keep paying attention to my posture & stretching a lot.

Q: How has your training been going with your hectic schedule?
JE: Prior to the hip “scare,” very good! I always plan my training around the seminars. For example, my training week actually starts on Wednesday. So, it was W/Th on, F off, Sat/Sun on, Mon off. It takes time to figure out what works best, but that was working great for me. 

Q: I know the game plan is to compete next at the Arnold Classic, is that still the plan?
JE: Yes, that is still the plan. The Arnold is still in the plan. I will do another big meet on Jan 17th (before the Arnold). My good friend Jon North is starting a new weightlifting federation called “American Weightlifting Federation.” I am also sponsoring the event. So that will be a great “tune up” leading to the Arnold in Ohio!

Q: What is your training prep going to be leading up the Arnold?
JE: I have found over the years, as it pertains to weightlifting (for me), less is more. I used to go train 9-12 sessions per week. I have had my best progress when training 6-7 sessions per week. It’s broken up a little differently though.
Wed/Thurs ON
Sat/Sun ON
Mon OFf

What you notice is that that is only 6 days. I plan around 6 days per week, then, repeat the cycle after 6 days. It allows me to get 1-2 more weeks total in per training cycle. I don’t know why I’ve been stuck to thinking training HAS to be a 7 day week. Perhaps it’s as I have created more freedom in my schedule that I have the luxury of training on any day I want. It really is very simple. Pull, Push, Off, repeat. It allows for optimal recovery, yet, very high intensity at almost every session. 

Q: Do you have a specific diet you follow during meet prep?
JE: Up until about 2 weeks out from a meet I usually follow Eat to Perform. My girlfriend owns a crossfit gym so she introduced me to that. It really allows me to train hard. It doesn’t limit carbs, but it times them around workouts and after workouts for fuel. If I eat without some basic guidelines I tend to eat too many carbs and gain a lot of weight. 

Q: I know you say that music can affect your training, what music do you listen to during your training sessions?
JE: It definitely can have an affect. I wish it didn’t, but it does haha! Gotta be in the zone! I listen to a lot of rap music. I have listened to the rock/classic rock music for a decade. It was time for a change. I like the old school rap (2pac, Biggie), and some of the new, “harder” rappers. Not too much of the mainstream stuff. Drake is good though.

Q: Is there anything else you include in your pre-workout rituals to get you pumped up for a training session?
JE: Not really. Sleep is the MOST important factor for having lasting energy for a training session…

Q: What are the future goals you hope to achieve over the next year?
JE: My #1 goal is to qualify for the World Championships in weightlifting. They’re hosted in Houston in 2015, which is pretty awesome. The secondary goal is the Grid League. I think everyone is still waiting to see how 2015 will be run, but I’m going to throw myself into it and see what happens!

Q: How has HMB helped in your training and reaching your goals?
JE: HMB has been huge for me. As I mentioned sleep being the most important (and most overlooked) variable, HMB is to recovery as sleep is to energy! I always have to fight my girlfriend from stealing my bottles at home haha! Consistency is the key with HMB.  

Q: Any other shout outs or info you want to share with everyone?
JE: “Invest in yourself and earn interest!” That was a great quote that changed my outlook on a lot of things. It has to do with the whole Man In The Mirror philosophy. You’ll make the world a better place by working on yourself first. Don’t confuse it with being selfish, though!

I share quite a few lifting videos on some of my social media (and a lot of random animal pictures)
Instagram & Twitter: @jaredenderton
Facebook: Jared Enderton or Enderton Strength
YouTube: Jared Enderton 

Lastly, check out my website, I give out a lot of free content on there!

Thanks so much for your time Jared and we wish you the best of luck with your coaching seminars and training!
JE: Thank you! 2015 is going to be a huge year. 

Posted on December 15, 2014


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