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Arnold Weightlifting Championship Results

Blog Article ImageA big congratulation goes out to Jared Enderton on his amazing performance this weekend at the Arnold.  Jared set two new competition prs with a 149 kg (328.5 lbs) snatch and a 183 kg (403.5 lbs) clean & jerk.  With a total of 332 kg and a Sinclair coefficient of 380 Jared ended up placing 10th overall out of more than 100 tough competitors.  Jared’s next big competition will be in July at the USA Weightlifting National Championships.  We are very proud to have Jared as a part of Team HMB and look forward to seeing some new prs set at his next competition.

Click here to watch Jared’s performance at the Arnold.

Men’s Open Results:
                  1.  Krzysztof Zwarcz
                  2.  Kendrick J. Farris
                  3.  Muhammad Begaliev
                  4.  James Tatum
                  5.  Leo Hernandez
                  6.  Travis Cooper
                  7.  Alejandro Gonzalez
                  8.  Colin Burns
                  9.  Kevin Cornell
                  10.  Jared Enderton

Please click here to view complete results from the 2014 Arnold Weightlifting Championships.

Posted on March 4, 2014


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