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Arnold USAPL/IPF Pro Deadlift’s Great History of International Competitors (2008-2015)

The USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Arnold Pro Deadlift Organization Committee has attempted over the years to invite some of the top ranked International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) lifters to share the Arnold Expo Hall main stage with the top ranked USAPL competitors. This year’s BetaTOR/PEAK ATP Pro Deadlift Competition was no exception to the rule as 5 of the 16 competitors represented Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and Iceland. IPF Hall of Fame recipient (2008) Inger Blikra of Norway has been a mainstay over the years. She has competed in the competition from 2009-2015.  In 2010 she pulled a whopping 501 lbs. IPF Classic World Record holder Sonia Maneana from New Zealand made her first appearance on the main stage this year pulling a huge 512 lbs. for 3rd place. IPF Junior Silver Medalist Cameron McKenzie from Australia made his second appearance this year.  Cameron is built to deadlift and looks to be an 800+ deadlifter in the near future. Audunn Jonsson from Iceland also made his second appearance. Audunn has been a well-known World Class competitor in the IPF the past 20 years. Christoph Erbs from Germany made his 3rd appearance his best yet. He pulled a huge 793 weighing just 206 lbs. This placed him 2nd in the bodyweight (Wilks coefficient) category.

The heaviest deadlift pulled by an international male competitor is 832 lbs. completed in 2012 by 22-year-old Norwegian, Carl Yngvar Christensen.  Carl has continued to get bigger and stronger since that time.  He pulled 859 on his way to setting the All Time IPF World Record Total (2711) in 2014.  In 2013 Erik Gunhamn from Sweden pulled 799 at a bodyweight of 202 lbs. The heaviest deadlift (512) pulled by an international female competitor was done this year by 53 year old IPF World Record holder Sonia Maneana.  The highest Wilks coefficient by an international male competitor belongs to Norwegian Kjell Egil Bakkelund who pulled 777 at 184 (2014) for a 233.95 score. The highest Wilks coefficient for a female international competitor (222.49) belongs to Sweden’s Angelica Brage.  She pulled 413 in 2010 weighing just 122 lbs.

At the Arnold Classic Norway, Germany, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Iceland, Denmark, Poland,  and Trinidad & Tobago have been represented by 17 different competitors.  All of these athletes over the years are top ranked World Class athletes including several World Champions. Possibly the most inspirational international athlete competed in 2012. Trinidad & Tobago was represented that year by 2008 International Blind Sports Association/IPF World Champion Carlos Greene. 

The Arnold Pro Deadlift competition is arguably the most prestigious international deadlift contest in the world. This competition continues to provide huge results up on the big Arnold Expo Stage.  There have been 7 women pull over 500 lbs. and 9 men pull over 800 lbs. The current heaviest ranked deadlifts belong to USAPL’s Brad Gillingham (881 lbs.) in 2009 and Kimberly Walford (562 lbs.) set this year.  The current highest Wilks coefficients belong to USAPL’s Ian Bell (241.77) and Kimberly Walford (261.06) both set in 2014.

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Posted on April 3, 2015


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