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Arnold Sports Festival Recap

Blog Article ImagePlanning for a competition is more than time consuming, not only is there diet prep, food prep, posing practice, training, and a second training session of cardio; there is planning your competition day with food, times, doing your hair, makeup, coordinating hotel stays and transportation and let’s not forget planning photo shoots.  The list gets pretty lengthy and once you start writing it all down on paper it can be stressful.  Then you add the events of the Arnold Sports Festival in and it makes for a crazy whirl-wind of work and emotions!

Now that the Arnold is a week and a half behind me I have had time to reflect and rest. I took a week off of training; I haven’t done that in a very long time and I enjoyed the occasional treat. Ok maybe more than occasional but you get the point.  I’m back on my six meals a day at about 70% clean.  I will work towards 80% to 90% soon.  I’m still elated about my 7th place finish at such a prestigious show. I had a long prep since I did a show in November to qualify.  Not wanting to gain too much weight in November/December had me on my competition diet for quite some time. The stress of everyday life and competition prep was wearing on me and I relied on my friends and husband to pull me through.  I didn’t give up and actually have a completely renewed spirit and vigor for the sport and training.

Everyone keeps asking me, “now what!?”  Well, I’m officially training for a National show in May or June 2014. I’m not stepping on stage until I have grown the thickness in my back I need to develop. I’m planning on a dramatic transformation and am thrilled to update everyone throughout this incredible journey.

I had a great past week at the gym. My lifts were heavy, explosive, and I was glad to have my HMB to recover with. HMB is going to be a vital element to my next solid year of training and growing.

I want to thank Team HMB for all their support through my training and the Arnold. It was an unforgettable experience and absolutely goes down in my books as my best competition and conditioning to date!

Posted on March 14, 2013


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