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Arnold Recap

Blog Article ImageAs was expected the 2011 Arnold Sports Festival was an incredible experience. It is always the people that make this event such a special one. The new relationships that are forged and the existing ones that are strengthened make this event a true blessing every year. I met a lot of new people working the HMB booth over the weekend and had a blast catching up with Team HMB members Bryce Holmes, Eric Todd, Jackie Haas and Justin Blake – all high quality people.

As some of you may know I had the supreme privilege of competing in the GNC Pro Deadlift on Saturday of the festival. My training cycle leading up to this contest was right on and I was hoping to set a personal record in this contest. I was able to get my opening attempt of 716 and my second attempt of 749. Unfortunately, I missed on my third attempt and did not achieve the performance I had hoped for. This was an absolutely heartbreaking result, especially since this is such a big contest and so much detail, discipline and hard work went into preparing for it. However, the bottom is this: No excuses, no explanations – the only way to respond to any setback is to push forward, fix the mistakes, and find a way to get it done next time.

Another huge thank you goes out to GNC, the IPF and the USAPL for putting on such a fun and first-class event. They continue to make this event better and better every year. Also, congratulations goes to TEAM HMB members Brad Gillingham and Nick Weite for their outstanding performances in GNC Pro Deadlift. Brad pulled his 77th competition deadlift over 800 pounds! Brad is a great competitor, friend and mentor to many in the sport. I consider myself blessed to be able to call Brad a friend and sincerely thank him for all of his help in training and competition.

Even if I wanted to feel sorry for myself after this competition, there isn’t any time. In three weeks I will be competing in the GNC Pro Deadlift at the Empire Classic in Spokane, WA. This competition is a qualifier for the 2012 Arnold Classic, which makes the stakes even higher than usual. The goal will be to set a personal record in the deadlift. I need to get my deadlift suit to fit right and keep my foot on the gas pedal in training.

HMB continues to be a staple of my recovery regime. Many more people learned of the effectiveness of HMB over the Arnold Classic weekend. I sincerely hope that you will jump on board with the many that have come to trust in HMB for a marked recovery advantage. In addition, Optimum Nutrition unveiled a new product called Hydro Builder. This product has the same top of the line protein as Platinum Hydro Whey, but with the added benefit of digestive enzymes, amino acids and creatine. I have already added it to my supplement regimen. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed!


Posted on April 1, 2011


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