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Arnold Classic 2010 and what's to come

Blog Article ImageHey all-I just got back from a weekend at the Arnold and it was a blast.  It was great to meet so many new people and get the message out about HMB!  We had lots of great people stop by, so I was able to share my experiences using HMB with quite a few.

I am currently in training for the Europa Show of Champions in Orlando this April.  Training has been going well.  My deadlift is still progressing, and I think I see my first 700 pound pull in the next few months.  My overhead press is still inching its way back up as well.  This past week I hit a 330lb log press out of the rack.  I am really looking forward to competing again; it has been a while.

As it turns out after the beginning of July, my competing might be sporadic for a while, as my wife, Jennifer and I are expecting our first baby.  We are very excited and looking forward to the challenges of parenthood.

Track season has started, so it is back to balancing training, nutrition, and the rest with my coaching duties.  I found that when I was coaching wrestling and coming home from practice drained, I was easily able to amp back up for a workout with ABB’s Speed Shot Intensity.  I am confident that it will help me continue to get the most out of my workouts during this season.

Anyhow, training is going well, diet is going well, and the weather is starting to look more promising.  I will continue to train hard, and hopefully with the help of HMB, will put up a good showing at the Show of Champions next month.

Posted on March 11, 2010


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