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Are you an Oscar or a Big Bird?

Blog Article ImageAt least once a day during my last contest prep, someone asked me if I was grouchy? It was almost assumed that just because I was preparing for a show I should be cranky, moody, bitchy, starving and absolutely miserable. When I smiled back and retorted that I was feeling great, they would stare at me quizzically, wondering whether or not I was serious. I actually got the “look you up and down eyes,” a few times. I felt as if they were assuming I wasn’t working hard enough and that I would automatically look out of shape because I wasn’t suffering enough.

This contest prep I definitely trained and dieted harder than I ever thought possible. I pushed myself day in and day out; way past what I thought was my breaking point. But working harder should not have made this prep easier. So what was different? My attitude towards it!

I have done the grouchy thing in the past; warning people to steer clear, as I was “X” number of weeks out. I felt like I had to be that miserable person to be training right. But all that did was make me more tired, fostering a negative attitude towards the entire show prep. I decided I was going to take ownership of my attitude and hope my body responded accordingly. With the help of HMB to keep me recovering quickly and training strong, along with my amazing support group, I kicked Oscar out to the curb.  Instead of focusing on how hard training was and how strict the diet was, I celebrated my strength, mentally and physically. I took pride in each accomplishment, shared my progress pictures and enjoyed the changes I was creating to my body. Basically I shook this prep’s tail feathers!

Posted on November 8, 2013


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