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Another Severe Minnesota Winter

Blog Article ImageOldman Winter has again exerted his wrath on Minnesota.  This seems to be my theme the last couple of winters, but Minnesota and the Upper Midwest have strung together two severe winters in a row; with record snowfall amounts in Minnesota.  My weather reports could possibly be interesting to some, but from a training standpoint winter suffering is a reality.  I truly enjoy the seasons we have in Minnesota.  I am an avid hunter, and winter makes for some interesting late season hunting, but the record snowfalls we have had this year and the severe cold spells can really take a toll on the body.  This can have a detrimental effect on your training.  The physical work of continued shoveling, snow blowing and roof raking really tear a person’s body down.  This is hard manual labor performed in less than ideal conditions.  In addition it is just plain hard to warm up.  I really have to pay attention to this aspect.  It is not hard to warm the body up when training in the summer months; some light stretching, a few warm-up sets and you are ready to go.  Training when the temperature is -15 and you spent a portion of the day, cleaning up the evening snowfall, makes for a much more extended warm-up period.  It simply takes the body a lot more to get going. Needless to say; my stretching and warm-up period is really extended during the winter months.
The IPF GNC Pro Performance Deadlift Championship is just 5 weeks away.  Despite the weather my training has been on track.  I decided to employ the 2x8 squat approach that I utilized last winter when preparing for the 2010 Arnold.  There are a few reasons for this line of attack, but mainly I feel that I occasionally need to change up my training methodology.  I have been using a 5x5 squat approach for over 20 years.  I will go back to this method after the Arnold, but the 2x8 gives me a mental and physical break.  The poundage's are going well, and I hit 2x8x573 last week.  I plan to finish with a PR 2x8x606 if everything goes well.  My deadlift is progressing nicely.  Last week I worked up to 5x705, followed by a set of 6 with 650 in the RDL, and a set of 5 with 405 in the bent rows. This is some heavy assistance work for me, and I credit GNC Pro Performance HMB for giving me the energy and recovery to perform these heavy high volume workouts.
I received some good news from the USAPL this month.  There will be a GNC Pro Deadlift competition at the NPC Empire Classic in Spokane, Washington in April.  Fellow Team HMB members Bryan Dermody and John Conner have also been invited.  I look forward to pulling some big deadlifts with these guys in April.

Train hard, stay healthy, set your goals high, and don't forget to add GNC Pro Performance HMB to your supplement list!

Brad Gillingham

Posted on February 1, 2011


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