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Another Great Year at the Arnold Classic.

Blog Article ImageBack from another great year at the 2010 Arnold Classic.  I have attended the last 9 Arnold Classic's and each year this 3 day weekend gets bigger and better.  There is something for everyone to see at the Arnold.  The Convention Center is jam packed with athletes, fans, and some of the best competitors in the world.  It is a must see for anybody that is a fan of strength sports or athletics in general.  From an athletic perspective it is really the Big Event that motivates all of us to train hard and improve.
I spent all day Friday and Sunday running the GNC Grip Gauntlet with my brothers Karl and Wade. This is the great thing about competing for many years in Iron Sports with my brothers.  Strength athletics have really given the 3 of us a unique opportunity to travel together and have a lot of laughs lifting heavy weights and doing something we all love to do.  We had over 2000 competitors with 8 people succeeding in closing the number 2.5 Ironmind gripper, lifting the 50 lb blob and locking out the 200 lb Ironmind Rolling Thunder.  It is a great challenge and a lot of fun for all that attempted to run the Gauntlet. 
Saturday, I participated in the GNC Pro Performance IPF Deadlift Championships with fellow Team HMB member Bryan Dermody.  Bryan even brought HMB's very own Shawn Baier along with to help coach.  It was great having Shawn backstage for the event.  Bryan started out very strong with a very easy 722 but unfortunately tore his hand open on his 2nd attempt and was not able to finish.  Bryan may have been in the running for a top 5 finish in the Bodyweight (Wilkes) category if he could have finished.  Bryan trains like an animal and I am sure he will be back next year with 800+ in mind.  Both Bryan and I suffered through back problems during our training.  This is sometimes the “Nature of the Beast” when pushing the body to the max.  I tore an erector muscle low where it attaches down in the hip while front squatting in November.  It seemed like my entire training for 3 months centered around rehabbing this injury.  I was not able to pull very much in training until the very end of my cycle.  Although I had this setback I was conveniently surprised that I had not lost much strength.  I was able to pull a conservative 859 on my 3rd attempt to secure the Championship in the Heaviest Deadlift category and place 2nd in the body weight (Wilkes) category.  That Arnold Crowd will really push you to compete at your best and the venue was jam packed for the contest.  GNC Pro Performance HMB was a key component to maintaining my strength and assisting in my recovery and ability to work through the injury. At 43 I am more motivated than ever to succeed in my ultimate goal of deadlifting over 900.   I am really looking forward to resting for a couple weeks and getting back to heavy training! 

Posted on March 9, 2010


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