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And the Season Begins

Blog Article ImageNext month kicks off the competition season with my first show in March. Although there is some time, my anticipation makes me feel like it is right around the corner. My first reminder was ordering my new suit for 2012 and soon shopping for matching jewelry and new heels. I also began practicing some new posing and assessing which angles will work best for the stage. Just putting on the suit and heels brings excitement about the thought of competition day. I plan to bring an even better stage presence this year along with an improved physique.

My lagging body part was my hamstrings, which I have been hitting hard the past few months. Hamstring training at Venice with my trainer gives the added bonus for motivation. I’m progressing with more size and shape along with gaining strength. Supplementing with HMB tremendously helps with the progression. Before taking the supplement, it would take me much longer to bring up a lagging body part.

Two other aspects adding to the excitement of the new season are my competitive clients soon starting their contest prep training and the Arnold Fitness Expo. The energy from my clients leaves me smiling at the thought of them and myself on stage. Coaching my clients throughout this process is both rewarding and exciting.  I recently booked my flight to the Arnold and will be at the MTI/HMB booth. I will be soaking up the competitive energy a week before my first show! If you are in Columbus, Ohio for the expo, stop by the MTI/HMB booth!

Posted on January 17, 2012


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