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America's Strongest Man 105KG

Blog Article Image2012 America’s Strongest Man for the 105KG division was held this past weekend in Phoenix, Arizona as part of the Europa Fitness expo. This would be my fifth time competing in this contest and I was seeking my third title. With only the lightweight pros competing, it was sure to be a quick contest with lots of action.

Max Log Press
The event started with a last man standing log press. Basically this requires all athletes attempt to lift a weight and then whoever succeeds moves on to the next weight. Definitely the best way to do a max event as this eliminates strategy and forces everyone to do the same thing. I hit an easy 325lb lift before just missing on 345 to put me in a 3-way tie for 4th place. Congrats to Sean Demarinis and Mike Mastell who both hit 365lbs to set the new 105KG American Log press record.

Yoke and Keg Carry
Next up was the yoke and keg carry. I had a decent time through the 785lb
yoke and thought I had a great time through the kegs but I came up a bit
short of the best time with a 35 second mark. This put me in fourth again.

Tombstone Carry
The bit casket shaped chunk of steel was weighted up to 370lbs. I picked it easy and took off at a steady pace trying to maximize distance with out bouncing it out of my arms. I made about 198’ and was able to throw it over the line to finish with 200’ even. Disappointing distance here and a fifth place finish.

Farmer’s Carry
This looked to be my best event going into the contest and this proved true! I made the course look easy taking both the 320lb tanks the 100’ distance with a turn in 27 seconds and was one of only two competitors to finish without a drop. Zack McCarley was able to speed through the course and overcome a drop to reset after the turn to beat me by a second. 2nd place here and made up enough points to have a shot at 3rd overall.

Atlas Stone Lift
After a poor showing in the stone lift last year I was looking to get back on my game in 2012. The challenge was to lift a 410lb Atlas Stone over a 52” bar as many times as possible in one minute. I started off strong and killed 3 reps in under 30 seconds. I got a little forward on the fourth rep and bounced it off the cross bar. I tried to dive out of the way as it came down but had no where to go and the stone took a direct shot at my ankle.  My 3 reps was good for yet another 4th place tie and 4th place overall as well.

I would like that thank Metabolic Technologies (developers of HMB) for their support as well as my family, friends and God for my lifting abilities. A big congrats goes out to Zack on winning his second title. As far as my ankle goes it appears to be badly sprained, there appears to be some minor bone damage but no major fractures. I will be getting it checked out further later this week and hopefully will be getting back to training and not rehabbing. Although the contest didn’t have an ideal finish, I am proud to say I have finished in the top 5 of the 105KG America’s Strongest Man for 5 straight years!

Posted on October 24, 2012


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