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America's Strongest Man 105KG

Blog Article ImageThis years America’s Strongest Man 105KG contest was sure to be exciting, dramatic, and physically brutal. A record 16 competitors showed up from all across the country to determine the 2010 Champ. There were 5 events on the agenda, and all were deceivingly difficult in their own way. After getting to catch up with some competitors that I haven’t seen in a long time, it was time to warm up and test some equipment.

Truck Push / Mammoth Sled Drag – The truck was a Chevrolet Suburban that had to be pushed for 75 feet and then a run back to the Mammoth Sled which was loaded with two kegs and had a giant chain link which weighed about 75lbs for the handle. I may have had the worst time on the truck push portion. I was spinning my wheels a little here and then had no idea where the finish line was. I never heard anyone say I was past so I just pushed until I thought I was good which ended up wasting a bunch of time. I killed the drag portion though and tied with Andy Deck for first place at 59.44s.

Mammoth Dumbell Press – 160lb dumbell pressed for reps. This event would be the deal maker/breaker for me at this contest, if I survived this I had a shot to win. I was in the last group and the number to beat was nine by Doug Madewell. A lot of guys tied with 4 reps so 5 would be huge. The whistle blew and I immediately missed my first rep. I took my time, didn’t panic and got a good rep on my second attempt. One attempt on my right arm proved useless so it was back to my left for the remainder and three more good reps. One more rep would have been huge here and those two misses were very costly.

Motorcity Car Deadlift – A four door sedan was on the platform with 90lbs
of plates loaded at the handles. Gertz put up a huge number with 16 reps. Kirk Nowack came in and rattled off 21 reps like he was warming up, then Kevin followed him with 17. I stepped up to the platform with every intention of mid-twenties. I pulled long and smooth through 14, took two breaths and kept going. I got in four more which put me at 18 and would hold up for second place. I was in second place in the overall score at this point with Andy Deck 2.5 points ahead. Recovering from this event was horrible. My body felt fine but my head was fuzzy for about an hour. I actually wasn’t thinking real clearly again until after the fifth event.

Mammoth Wheelbarrow Load – Five kegs had to be loaded, starting with the lightest at 200lbs and finishing with the heaviest at 300lbs. My strategy here was to load the light kegs in the front and save my grip for the last heavy keg which would put the most weight in my hands at the end. I finished in 58 seconds for 3rd place behind Dave Mihalov and Rick Freitag, who blistered the course 4 seconds faster than anyone else. This put me in the lead by 0.5 points for the stones.

JP’s Fitness Atlas Stone Load – Deck and myself were ahead of 3rd place Jacob Bodi by six points, so it looked to be a two horse race at this point. Bodi had a fantastic run and the second best time overall. Deck fumbled the first stone and only ended up getting three. I stepped up to the platform and loaded the first three smooth. Lapped the fourth and completely lost my grip going to the platform. I was able to save it in my lap, squeeze with everything I had and lift it home. On to the last stone for guaranteed victory with 10 seconds left. I lapped it with some struggle and got it about three inches from the platform when time expired. It was too close to call at this point, literally! I ended up eighth in stones and tied with Bodi after 5 events.

Press Medley – In true ASC fashion, a tie breaker event was announced, which would be a keg press medley, three kegs weighted at 200, 225, and 250lb would be pressed. It was quickly realized that the 200lb kegs were not balanced the same, so the Mammoth Dumbell was substituted in as the first lift. I knew I would not win the split time on the first implement, and it was likely that neither of us would get the 250lb keg, so I had to strategize a bit here. I took my time and made sure I got the dumbbell with no mistake. Then onto the first keg at 225lb. Do or die time, I was behind, I lapped it quick and basically power snatched it from my lap to overhead for the best time through two implements, just as planned. I tried to get the last one in one motion and missed. The push press method proved to be no better; all I could do was stand back and watch. It seemed like a year, but time finally expired and my time held up for the title!

A huge thanks be to God for the opportunity to compete and the ability to do well.

Thanks a ton to my family for supporting me, coming to the contests, and cheering.

MTI and there supplement HMB have been awesome. There isn’t anything else I can say about this supplement, it’s proven in the results!

Posted on September 21, 2010


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