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America's Strongest Man 105kg 2009

Blog Article ImageGot to the venue in Bangor, Maine around 6:30, and it was pouring rain. I warmed up a little bit on each of the implements and then waited until the contest began. The dirt track we were on was starting to get slick but the surface was solid enough that we weren’t sinking in. The axle and husefelt stone were a little tricky but I was able to do both in warm ups. The grip was tough on the axle, especially with the rain, plus it was awkward to lift for me as the weight further from center than ones I have used before. The husefelt stone was awkward to pick off of the ground but I had the technique nailed after a couple tries and was looking forward to this event. Anyway, I drew the first spot and started off the contest, by this time the rain had turned into a light drizzle.

280lb WSM Axle Press: Got it in warm ups but executed poorly in the contest, the axle kept slipping down my shirt on the clean much worse than it did in warm ups. Once I finally got it cleaned I had wasted way too much time and energy, 0 reps.

650lb Frame Carry x 50’/ 200lb Keg Carry x 2 x 50’: This should have been a good event for me, frame was easy, first keg was easy, running back to the second keg was tricky, third keg was easy. 29.9s was my time, which got me 5th place since I was on the bottom end of 4 competitors finishing with a time of 29.xx. 7th place overall after 2 event.

880lb Yoke x 50’: These yokes are officially awesome. This thing was solid and stable. I had one mis-step but recovered well for 12s time. 2nd place here and 5th or 6th overall.

315lb Husefelt Carry x 100’: we had to carry the stone 50’ turn and bring it back. Instead of picking it up of the ground, the stone was sitting on a keg. I didn’t like this but those are the breaks. My time was 13.7s for 3rd place and tied for 4th overall.

Atlas stones: Weights were 250lb – 350lb and descending platforms were about 58”-48”. I loaded all 5 in a quick time even though they were wet and much tougher to grip than usual. 2nd place here allowed me to squeak out a 3rd place overall after a very poor start.

Joining Team HMB has been a huge help to me over the last year, I feel very strong and competitive right now, just didn’t execute like I needed to at this contest to be competitive for the victory. I will be back stronger than ever in future contests with HMB on my side!

Posted on August 7, 2009


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