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Amateur Strongman World Championships 2012

Blog Article ImageLast weekend I competed in the Amateur Strongman World Championships at the Arnold Sports Festival. This contest is put on by the American Strongman Corporation and draws some huge competition due to the winner being guaranteed a spot in the pro contest the following year.

I rolled into Columbus, Ohio on Thursday night just in time to make it to the rules meeting. Everything was straight forward and I got to spend more time catching up with strongman buddies than worrying about rules. The equipment looked good, I felt great and I was ready for a big contest the next morning.

Friday morning the contest was to start at 8:30am sharp. After a quick breakfast I got to the contest at about 7:15 and did a fair amount of rolling and dynamic stretching before getting in some solid reps with the log. I was randomly chosen to compete in the first flight of lifters.

320lb Log Press
Like I said, the warm ups felt solid and I pressed out a quick rep. The second attempt I pushed a bit forward and couldn’t get under it. At this point I made the decision to regroup and get one more rep at the end. This plan worked perfectly and the next rep went up easy for two total reps and enough points to keep me in the hunt for a top ten placing.

Yoke Carry/ Sandbag Carry/ Farmers Carry Medley
This event I was really looking forward too. Again I started in the first flight. I locked into the yoke and burst forward at the whistle. The yoke was shifting all over the place though and I had to slow down and regroup costing myself a ton of time and putting me way behind the other three competitors. Once I steadied the yoke carrying the 850lb load for 50 feet was a breeze. I carried the sandbag quick and made up some time. I transitioned to the 340lbs per hand farmers carry tanks and took off. Still making up ground I passed two guys but then dropped the tanks near the line. A quick re-pick and finish kept me in second place for my heat though but a disappointing time and overall finish with 44 seconds.

Car Deadlift
Lifting up the back end of a Ford Focus for as many repetitions as possible in one minute was the next challenge. I drove the first rep up easy but couldn’t get into any kind of rhythm. I managed to grind out six reps total for a mid-pack placing.

Tombstone Carry
This event required a 400lb tombstone shaped chunk of steel to be picked up and carried as far as possible. I picked it up pretty easy and got the grip I wanted and just started moving my feet as fast as I could. I managed 175 feet before it finally slipped from my grasp. I didn’t feel good about this performance but it ended up being my best of the day with a 9th place.

Overall, I ended up 20th place out of 47 competitors but well out of my top 10 target. I see lots of things I can improve though and will be working diligently in my training to improve them. The nice thing about the contest being on Friday morning is that you get some time to enjoy the rest of the Expo. I certainly enjoyed watching the pro strongman contest. The log press was incredible to watch from a competitive stand point and aesthetically. I also got to spend some time at the HMB/Metabolic Technologies booth. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to find out about this supplement and the positive effect it can have in helping you reach your goals.

Keep training hard and stay tuned for an update on my 2012 contest schedule.

Posted on March 12, 2012


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