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Acute Timing Effects with HMB

The most recent study on HMB assessed the topic of acute timing effects.  The researchers hypothesized that taking HMB prior to strenuous exercise would decrease muscle damage, as opposed to the placebo taken before or after exercise, or HMB taken after exercise.  Acute timing effects, or consumption of HMB close to the time of exercise, have never been investigated prior to this research study.  This study evaluated the differences seen in taking HMB before high intensity training and taking HMB after high intensity training.  The researchers were able to do this by looking at indirect markers of skeletal muscle damage.  The results showed that taking HMB before strenuous exercise could prevent increases in lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) which is an indicator of muscle injury.  

The researchers were also able to note that HMB was able to attenuate the rise in CK (another indicator of muscle damage) and soreness in the quadriceps and hamstrings when the supplement was taken prior to exercise.  This new research explores the timing effects of HMB and ultimately concludes that taking it an hour before exercise might visibly reduce select markers of muscle damage.

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Posted on December 15, 2009


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