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A Second TRI...Another to come?

Jackie Haas is not only a fitness model and mom now she is dabbling in triathlons.  Recently Jackie competed in her second triathlon, the Blackland Triathlon in Plano, TX.  Over 500 participants from a variety of ages and levels competed in this 300 meter swim, 15 mile bike ride, and 5k run.  With her new activities this mom finds it hard to manage her time between training, her family, and new business with her husband.  Jackie shares her new experiences with triathlons and other endeavors occurring in her busy life:

Q: Because this was your second triathlon did you feel more confident and have a different mindset than the first one?
JH: “There was a huge difference in the nerves the second time around.  I definitely felt more confident being my second race, although still the total novice.  I was ready to tackle the swim this time, rather than just really hope to get through it.  Also, the bike portion of the race I felt a lot more confident in, seeing that I had a road bike this time.”

Q: Did you achieve the goals set prior to the event?
JH: “I am very pleased with the outcome of only my second tri.  The distances differ from one  Sprint Triathlon to the next, so again being so new to the sport, I did not have any specific goals set according to time, I just wanted to show a vast improvement from my first, which I am excited to share that I did!”

Q: What training have you done since your first triathlon to better prepare you for this one?
JH: “I wish that I can say that I had a lot more swim training in but the bit that I put in with the extra pool time this time around paid off.  Even though pool swims are a lot different than open water swims, I felt a lot stronger in the first leg of the tri, the swim.  I also have done ‘mock training tri sessions’, at least once per week, where I have taken ¾ of the distance of each segment and gone at approximately 70 percent of my maximum effort in each.”

Q: Do you feel that you have considerably improved since your last triathlon and if so what has improved?
JH: “I am confident in my improvement but truly have my eyes set on the training once this first season of mine is complete.  Just having several races under my belt for experience is the goal of this year for me.  I would have to say the largest improvement of mine was the swim.”

Q: What is the current news with the new expansion of your new store Custom Muscle?
JH: “ is where it is!  Ready to be re-launched within the next few months, the expansion of the online portion is what we are most excited about.  We have partnered with several different organizations in order to hit every market in the health, fitness and wellness industry.  It’s a huge work in progress but every day is one step closer to our goals.  Be sure to stay tuned for more details and visit!”

Q: How do you manage your time to train diligently while you are raising a family and expanding your family business?
JH: “That is where I really have to keep myself in check with time management and organization…which I am still working on!  Even though I am excited about the beginning of my triathlon career, I cannot give my all to the training as of yet.  I need to make sure that I have ‘enough gas left in the tank’ to be there for my family first and foremost.  Being able to take my girls to the gym with me now that my youngest is of age is a huge help, seeing that I can get a great cycling workout in and then a run right after.”

Q: How has HMB contributed to your life?
JH: “HMB is seriously what has given me the strength to continue it all.  I believe that to the largest degree.  Every moment that I designate to train, has to be hard because I have to make the most out of every second.  There is no ‘easy day’ in my book.  With HMB in my life, I feel that every time I am getting the maximum out of my workload that my body can give and that I am not pushing myself to the way extreme. HMB has kept me well and strong when I believe that I would have gotten weak.  Not to mention the amazing Team that surrounds me with HMB!”

Q: Now what’s in store for the future?
JH: “What’s not in store?!   Training with a tri team to set goals for next season and who knows, maybe even get on stage in the fitness industry; okay, maybe not there quite yet! Along with the growth and development of, as well as our retail location in Dallas, TX the future is about making sure that the ‘HaasHold’ is healthy and as happy as ever.  Large part due to how I feel and perform is thanks to HMB!”


Posted on September 15, 2009


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