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A reflection of 2015 and 2016 New Year’s Resolution | Priscilla Ribic

2015 was a very heavy competition year for me.  It consisted of the following:

April – IPF Master Worlds – Aurora, CO (Gold)
May – USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Men’s & Women’s Nationals, San Antonio, TX (Gold)
June – IPF Classic (Masters) Worlds – Salo, Finland (Gold)
Oct – IPF Master Worlds – Aurora, CO (Gold)
Oct – USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals (Masters) – Scranton, PA (Gold)
Nov – IPF Open Worlds, Hamm Luxembourg – (Gold)

I walked away with 5 new IPF World Records and my 12th IPF World Championship in the books. 

I have traveled around the world and back from Alaska (every trip is at least an 8 hour flight) and still managed to have great success at each competition.   The big trick to the trade is not to overtrain and listen to your body.

In 2016, I challenge athletes to make their New Years Resolution to not overtrain.

The following is an excerpt from Larry Maile, Ph.D.’s Powerlifting Seminar on ‘Overtraining Warning Signs’

General overtraining is manifested in the following signs and symptoms:

  1. Trouble sleeping
  2. Weight/muscle loss
  3. Nagging injuries
  4. Colds, other signs of immune compromise
  5. Craving goods, i.e., high fats, sweets or loss of appetite
  6. Aching joints
  7. Lack of energy, constant feeling tiredness
  8. Depression, irritability

Can you relate? 
It saddens me to read social media leading into National events. So many posts scream overtraining, yet the athlete and coaches keep their blinders on as to the ‘why’s and what’s’ that are causing the above signs and symptoms.

How many of you are unfortunate to get the flu or cold right before a meet?  It’s not just bad timing or luck, it is overtraining.

You should not be going into a meet beat up or sick!  It is not okay to overtrain because you can ‘dial it back’ come competition day, despite what some coaches say.  The body isn’t a robot, the results of overtraining aren’t something you can patch with a Band-Aid and move on.  Unfortunately, recovering from overtraining is not a quick process.

Being smart with your training creates longevity and success in sports.  Less is more.  Listen to your body.  Eat well. Train smart.

My additional tip for the day: Take your HMB products (HMB, BetaTOR, BetaATP) to help your recovery process.  No, it won’t prevent you from overtraining… if you are set to overtrain, you will.  It will help in endurance, strength and RECOVERY and this is key to every athlete, no matter what level.

Priscilla Ribic
Team HMB
USA Powerlifting – National Team Member

Posted on December 31, 2015


I am a marathon sportsman i read this  i got some points from this  Thank you.  

Posted By veeraiah hiremath on 01/02/2016

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