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A Balanced Approach

Blog Article ImageIt’s funny how life doesn’t seem to change much on a day-to-day basis but yet you look back one year later and so much has changed.  Sometimes it isn’t the big decisions that only change things but the small daily ones that create the largest impact.

These small decisions have created a focused and meaningful “off-season” for me. I took more of a balanced approach to this off season and it has netted some amazing gains and results. It has lead to the decision for me to compete earlier than anticipated at the IFBB North Americans in Pittsburgh, PA August 30, 2014.  Originally, the plan was to wait until November.  Admittedly it was a hard decision as it meant giving up Labor Day weekend boating with my family. However, I know they will support my decision to take the stage again.

So, what did I do different? For starters I didn’t obsess over calories, macros, or my weight.  By focusing on other areas of my life my own fitness took care of itself. If I wanted a desert I ate one, and if I wanted an extra off day from the gym, no big deal.  I did ensure that all my meals were protein heavy and I added back creatine into my regimen.  I did consistently use HMB in my supplement stack as well. It helped continue to aid my recovery as I started lifting heavier and heavier.  And now that prep is underway I will be sure not to miss a dose to help it maintain my muscle gains while dieting.

By not gaining an extra amount of bodyfat during the winter I don’t have the amount of fat to shed for this show which means an easier prep and no extreme low carb days or 2-a-day cardio sessions.  I can continue to do what I have been doing all along by just removing extra cheats and adding in HIIT sessions 3-4 times a week. That’s it! 

I look forward to sharing my journey back to stage again with everyone! Stay tuned!

Posted on June 30, 2014


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