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9 Weeks out from the Arnold

Blog Article ImageI’m 9 weeks out from the Arnold Amateur today.  Just saying this out loud gave me goose bumps. I’m so excited to be representing Team HMB at one of the most prestigious body building/figure competitions in the country. It will be an honor to be on stage with the other girls at this International event.

In order to be prepared for this I have to change my routine, become stricter with my diet, and add some cardio into the mix. I am lucky, however, that I am going into this competition prep leaner than all my others.  I don’t have to do cardio twice a day, in-fact, that would be too much for me, and I would go into the competition too lean and striated. I currently am doing cardio twice a week and as the weeks draw to a close I will add extra cardio in slowly. I feel lucky that I’m not hunched over the treadmill for hours and I still get to enjoy carbs and the occasional treat.  It almost hasn’t felt like prep, almost.

My diet mostly consists of oatmeal, whey protein, peanut butter, chicken, tilapia, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, brown rice, yogurt, and almonds. My supplement regimen is currently HMB, Fish Oil, multi vitamins, creatine, Amino Energy, and Turbo Shred from Swole Sports. 

I’ve been squatting extra lately, which leaves me sore, so taking HMB on a daily basis to help me recover and power through my last few sets is a must. If I didn’t have the recovery benefits of HMB I don’t think I would be able squat twice a week. I’m really trying to bring in my hamstrings for the Arnold. I know they are there, but genetically I have problems getting them to show. I will keep working at them regardless!

Look for me to hit the stage in 9 weeks!  I’m almost ready!

Posted on December 28, 2012


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