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9 Days Out from My Pro Debut

Blog Article ImageTraining is going very well.  I am 9 days out and everything is looking pretty good.  The last 3 weeks have been filled with super intense workouts, working with a 6-12-25 program for all body parts.  Here is an example of what my workouts look like.  With legs I will do  1 set ofsquats for 6 reps, immediately followed by set 2 which is lunges for 12 reps, immediately followed by set 3 which is leg press for 25 reps…….rest 2 minutes and repeat.  I go through that grouping 4 times.  The last three weeks have been very intense, but hopefully it will all payoff.  I am very thankful for HMB, at 42 years old; I don’t know that my body could handle this workout without the aid of HMB in recovery.  The next 9 days will be basically a maintain type of workout in conjunction with posing for at least 25 minutes per day to get ready for the stage.  On 11-12-2011 I will take the stage and we will see where I am at and if I can bring it home!

Posted on November 3, 2011


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