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7.5 Weeks Out

Blog Article ImageTraining is going very well.  I am in the 4th week of my diet, 7.5 weeks to go until my show.  I am training harder than I have every trained before.  Started working with a trainer about 3 months ago and I am learning things about training and diet that I never knew before. 
My workouts are exhausting.  I am in a 4 week workout cycle, breakdowns are as follows:
Monday:            Chest and Back
Tuesday:           Quads, Hamstrings and Calves
Wednesday:      Abs, Forearms
Thursday:          Arms
Friday:              Shoulders and Calves 
I am working on a Heavy/Light workout routine, which is perfect for fast twitch.  Here is an example of what I am doing: 
Chest and Back day: Weighted Chins             4-6 reps     rest 10 sec
                                    Wide Grip Lat pulls        12-15 reps    rest 2 mins
                                    Bench Press                 4-6 reps     rest 10 sec
                                    Incline Press                 12-15 reps    rest 2 mins 
That is 1 set, I do that for 5 sets, then move on to group 2, which is 4 more exercises, 2 body parts and run through that 3 times 
As you can see my workouts are hard and fast paced, I will do 16 sets of chest and 16 sets of back in roughly 58 minutes!  
At 9 weeks out I was 212 lbs and 8.9% body fat.  I am feeling like I am in great shape, I am pushing for sub 4% the day of the show.  Diet is going very well, I am doing 25 minutes of cardio at least 6 times per week, will step that up next week to everyday for the remaining 7 weeks. Very high protein and low carb diet.  Taking in as many carbs as my body needs just so I don’t feel tired.  I am very excited about my progress and my work with my trainer, I think this could be my best show ever.

Posted on March 16, 2011


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