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5.5 Weeks Out from the NGA Pro Universe

Blog Article ImageI am about 5.5 weeks out from the NGA Pro Universe and everything is starting to come together.  I just came off a 4-week workout cycle that was very heavy with eccentric movements and varied exercises and rep counts.  For example my chest workout consisted of:

  •        Incline barbell press for 2 reps with a 5 second eccentric count
  •        Incline dumbbell press with neutral grip for 4 reps with a 4 second eccentric count
  •        Flat bench DB press for 8 reps with a 3 second eccentric count
  •        Decline DB flys for 16 reps with a 2 second eccentric count
  •        No rest inbetween these four implements
  •        Then rest 2 minutes and repeat 3 more times

I did this type of workout for every body part for 4 weeks.  After completing this program I switched to a different workout this week and will do it next week as well, which will take me to 4 weeks out and then I will switch it up again for 3 weeks and then prep week.  This week and next week are more concentrated on muscle mass, to try to keep as much size as possible while cutting.  For example, chest workout for this week and next is this: 

  •        15 degree Incline DB press for 3 reps with 1 1/4 movements for 8 sets (1 1/4 movement is full stretch on down movement then 1/4 press, full stretch and then full press and that is 1 rep)
  •        5 sets of Flat DB press of 5 reps each

My diet is going great, I am getting leaner everyday and staying full of energy and staying strong thanks to HMB.  HMB is crucial for me at this time of contest prep cause gym time is crucial and can't be wasted.  The need to be at full recovery every day is of the utmost importance which HMB aids in.  I am feeling very good about my chances to win the Natural Universe this year, let's see what happens!

Posted on October 6, 2012


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