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4 Weeks Out from the Heartland of America Natural Classic

Blog Article ImageI am about 4 weeks from my attempt at back-to-back Pro Championships at the HOA Natural Classic.  Training has been about as hard as I have trained in my career.  Throughout the last few weeks I have pushed myself farther than before.  It was tough and I was about as tired as I have ever been, but hopefully it will be the difference! 

With 4 weeks to go, it is getting real close to prep week, meaning that there is not much I can do from here on out to make any improvements.  Now it is simply posing every night and continuing to push myself in the gym to get just a little leaner everyday so that I am stage ready. 

For the next two weeks I will move into my 6-12-25 program for all body parts.  Basically this consists of 3 exercises per body part, 1st exercise is 6 reps, then move to 2nd and do 12 reps and then move to 3rd and do 25 reps.  Rest 2 minutes and repeat 4 more times.  I will do this 5 days per week, hitting every muscle group and then add in several Prowler sprint workouts to continue to build muscle while burning away those last few pounds of fat.  

Then after these two weeks I will have 1 week De-load program and then it is prep week and time to perform.  Staying strong and mentally focused is the challenge for these last few weeks while carb depleting takes place.  HMB is crucial for me at this time, more than ever.  With the ability to recover faster during these type of workouts is what makes the difference and there is no way at 43 yrs old I could push myself like I do without all the benefits of HMB.

Posted on April 8, 2013


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