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4 Weeks Out from the Arnold!

Blog Article ImageAs I get closer and closer to stepping on stage at the Arnold Amateur February 28th my focus has shifted slightly to trying to stay healthy, well rested, and increasing cardio week by week.

I’ve been close to stage weight for months now since I just competed in November and I will admit that maintaining this has been the most daunting task for me.  I teetered on not wanting to gain too much weight because I would just have to take it off again, but still wanting to build muscle at the same time.

 Now I’m merely a few pounds to where I see myself onstage this time and with my new career path I’ve had to take a slight step back from heavy training to focus on work.  This is why my new emphasis is on maintaining my health and staying rested.  This has meant giving up two of my morning workouts for some extra sleep time. I’m lifting only 4 days week now compared to my former 5-6 days a week regimen. But I found that as I continue to lift heavier I wanted to give my body extra rest time and starting this week I am trading in my heavy squat days for some plyo work.  I’ve also found that taking HMB has been a vital component in my recovery.  When you are juggling a full time career and training for a stage like the Arnold recovery has been such an important factor for me.  I’m a believer in the recovery and endurance properties of HMB and continue to recommend it to anyone who steps into the gym!

The fact that I’m in the gym less doesn’t mean I’m NOT lifting, it just means each workout I’m lifting heavier and harder. I’ve completely restructured my lifting schedule to fit my life.  I was trying to fit my life around my lifting and that just wasn’t working for me anymore.  I found myself falling asleep on the way to work and feeling nauseous at the gym. That’s when reality set in for me that it was time to step back a notch, focus on more rest time, and reconfiguring my schedule.

I now have a better balance and find that those days I am at the gym I’m more focused and excited to lift heavy because I know I won’t be back the next day.

4 weeks to go!  I will be ready!  It’s been a rough few months of prep but I have been blessed with the most amazing support system at home.  Come see me on stage February 28th when I will be representing Team HMB!

Posted on January 29, 2013


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