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4 Weeks and 2 Days out...

Blog Article ImageToday is April 7th, that puts me 4 weeks and 2 days away from my next competition.  I am competing on May 7th at the 2011 NGA Heart of America Natural Classic in Peoria, Illinois.  Training is going so well.  I am at 4.9% body fat with 4 weeks to go and still weighing 203.5 lbs, as of right now, this is the best I have ever looked, I am hoping to keep this for the next 4 weeks.  Shooting to come in at 4%!  Have aggressively changed my diet this time around, with the help of my trainer, I have switched up my proteins and I am changing things daily.  Right now I am eating tuna, steaks, bison, ground turkey, chicken, and Alaskan Pollock as my protein sources.  Eating roughly 390 grams of protein per day and for the last 2 weeks I have cut carbs to 30 grams per day for 5 days and 100 grams for 2 days. 

My workouts are changed on a 3 week rotation.  I am doing heavy sets with light sets, combined with limited rest (1 to 2 minutes tops between sets).  Today for example I did squats, rested 1 minute…went to chinups, rested 1 minute and back to squats…..did that 4 times through. Then went to dumbbell press, and rest 1 minute to straight leg deadlifts, and back to dumbbell press.  I did that for 4 rounds.  Next went to calf raises, rest 30 seconds, Zottman curls, rest 30 seconds and then dumbbell Fly’s … did that 4 times through.  It’s a whole body work out with 28 sets of 8 to 10 reps per set and the entire workout was 47 minutes! 

For my diet I start the day off with a handful of cashews and almonds at 6 am, followed by cardio.  Then when cardio is done I eat an 8 oz of 1 of my meats.  At 9:30am I eat 6 egg whites and another handful of almonds and cashews.  Then at 10:30am drink a protein shake.  I hit the gym at 11:30am and by 12:30pm I finish with a post workout shake.  At 2:30 I eat 8 oz of meat and assorted vegetables and again 5:30-6pm.  Once 9 pm rolls around I have another 8 oz of meat.  Then I’m in bed and sleeping by 10 pm.  Along with my diet I am supplementing with 4 HMB pills per day.  These are crucial, especially at this time when I am as lean as I am, recovery and not losing muscle mass is huge right now.

Posted on April 7, 2011


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