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3 Months Out

Blog Article ImageI am pushing even harder now that the show is nearing.  I am roughly 3 months out, my diet will start to intensify and training as well.  I have done very well maintaining a semi-lean body over the summer, hanging at 8% body fat, which is much lower than normal for me, but this will come in handy cause I will not have as far to go.  Been working with power movements lately; low reps, high weight trying to add as much muscle as possible before I start the “real” diet.  I have been able to stay pretty lean throughout the summer by living off of grass fed meats; mainly ostrich, elk, bison and grass fed beef.  I would highly recommend these to anyone trying to pack on size and stay lean, they are very healthy and worth every penny.  I have a local farmer that I buy from for the grass fed beef, they are great, so if you are looking for non-processed protein sources, start there.  Here is the website that is good place to look for meats:  I am hoping with all the prep I’m doing that I have a real shot at the Natural Pro Universe!

I am training 5 days per week, separating each body part and doing combo workouts.  HMB is the only supplement I am taking right now besides protein powder and my recovery time is excellent, especially with all the heavy lifting.

Posted on August 18, 2011


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