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2016: The Best Year Yet

As athletes and fitness enthusiasts, we are always striving to be better.  No matter what level you are or if you’re just getting started, there is always room to improve.  Take the time to write down your goals and attack them head on!  Here now, some of our athletes share what they are striving to accomplish in 2016:

Erin Stern, IFBB Figure Pro/USATF Competitor

“I want to break an American record in the RAW bench press in my weight category. I have some personal physical goals too: to be able to lift 500 lbs. on glute bridges, to build my shoulders and calves, and to compete in the high jump for fun. Other goals include writing another book, and creating a line of custom rubs for food.”


Brad Gillingham, Powerlifter

“I have established several strength training goals for 2016.  Most importantly, I would like to stay strong and get a little stronger.  Competitively, I would like to get my deadlift back over 800 lbs. at the Arnold USAPL Pro Deadlift in March, and then to try and win my 7th World Title in Killeen, Texas in June.  Good Luck meeting your strength training goals in 2016!”


Mike Kurzeja, Pro Boxer
“My goals for 2016 are to maintain my lean muscle mass while decreasing some body fat.  I will do this by monitoring my macros and keeping my diet in check.  Another component I will keep an eye on is my sleep patterns. I now have a fit bit, which helps me monitor my sleep and helps me keep an eye on my macros.  I will continue to prosper in 2016 wherever my life leads me!”


Carissa Johnson, WBFF Pro/Fitness Model
“My baby goals for 2016 are to be a super fit mama, and to have a happy, healthy baby.  After baby, my goal is to bounce back to competition shape as quick as possible. God willing, I'd love to get my bikini body back and compete again before the end of 2016.”


Eric Todd, Strength Athlete

“Get and stay healthy.  I would like to be able to lift heavy again.  Continue to lean out and improve conditioning.  I am going to wait and see on competition depending on the first variables.”


Jennifer Dietrick, IFBB Pro/Martial Artist

“My fitness goals are as follows:
1. Compete in at least 5 jiu-jitsu tournaments this year
2. Get into double lotus without using my hands
3. Increase my hamstring strength
4. Finish the third draft of my book
5. Increase flexibility in my splits”


Jada Kelly, NPC Bikini Competitor

“I want to build on the lessons I learned last year regarding what my body responds to best and staying consistent no matter what happens with kids, work, or life in general. I feel like I built a strong foundation in 2015 and did the best I have ever done with the challenge of consistency with food and exercise. I would love to take it up a notch and compete in at least 2 shows this year, book a minimum of 2 fitness photo shoots and have at least 5 speaking engagements, sharing practical tips on how to be and stay a fit mom. This year is about getting out of my comfort zone and inspiring others on a larger scale! I'm excited to see what 2016 has in store.”


Tim Nassen, Master’s Bodybuilder/Former Strongman

“I plan to compete June 4th at the NPC Mayhem in Kansas City and then turn around the following week June 11th and compete at the NPC Duel of Champions in Omaha, NE.  My goals in the off-season are to add a few pounds of muscle through heavy training and retain more of that added muscle through the prep period. I would also hope to continue to grow as a competitor and person through the 2016 season.”


Danyelle Mastarone, NPC Figure Competitor

“I am very proud of the goals I accomplished in 2015, especially winning the Overall Figure Title at my first show post-baby! So that just means I've raised the stakes for 2016. I'm in my improvement season right now, prepping to get back on the National Stage in July and compete against the top figure competitors in the Master's Division! Also, I know how much I rely on my coach, so I plan to work even harder for all of my fitness clients, making more frequent check-ins and just being more available for moral support as well! And my last major goal is to get back into teaching group fitness. In November I hosted my first local Boot Camp, Holiday Havoc, along with another instructor. We plan to improve upon that and host a class around each holiday, teaching our students how to make fitness fun!”


Bryan Dermody, Powerlifter

“I would absolutely love to deadlift 804 lbs. at the Arnold Classic! Training is going great so far, so I hope this continues. I would also like to win my 5th deadlift National Championship, but I am not sure what the competition schedule will be after the Arnold because shortly after that contest my wife will give birth to our second child! Another goal of mine is to finish my second Master's Degree - only one more class left so the end is near! Finally, I want to grow to be a better husband, a better father and a better disciple of Jesus Christ.”


David Douglas, Powerlifter

“I have some monster goals for 2016.
1. Raise 5k for relentless charity organization
2. Squat 1003lbs raw
3. Squat 1100lbs single ply @ Mr. Olympia
4. Win Mr. Olympia 2016
5. Bench 650lbs
6. Deadlift 800lbs
7. Secure the #1 spot in the country and #2 spot in the world in SHW raw division."


We wish everyone the best in reaching their 2016 goals!  Be sure to follow each of our athletes’ journeys here.

Posted on January 18, 2016


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