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2016 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships

The IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships began this past Sunday, June 19th in Killeen, Texas.  Team HMB athlete Priscilla stepped on the platform Monday night and put on a show.  She finished the night with a 175 kg (385 lbs.) squat, 107.5 kg bench press, and a 205 kg deadlift.  With this solid performance Priscilla took home the gold and her 13th IPF World Championship!  We are very proud to have Priscilla as a part of Team HMB and wish her the best with the rest of her year!

Women’s Master’s 1 Division (72 kg Class) Results:

  1. Priscilla Ribic             Wilkes 484.82
  2. Laura De Wet            Wilkes 385.20
  3. Leah Lutz                   Wilkes 384.05
  4. Tui Katene                 Wilkes 367.67
  5. Angela Desjarlais       Wilkes 363.30
  6. Jennifer Aulman        Wilkes 348.75
  7. Luisa Torres               Wilkes 339.07
  8. Vuokko Liljestrom     Wilkes 315.40
  9. Laure Romain Livy    Wilkes 313.10
  10. Candice Firmani        Wilkes 261.38

For detailed score sheet results please click here.

Posted on June 23, 2016


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