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2016 IPF Master Worlds Recap | Priscilla Ribic

© IPF International Powerlifting Federation 2016The 2016 IPF Master Worlds were held in the beautiful country for Estonia. I highly recommend for a tourist destination! 
I competed in the 72 kg class again this year, while rehabbing a few injuries.  Earlier this summer I dropped 230 kg (507 lbs.) on my right foot, breaking my toe, which I also managed to rebreak while competing in August in the North American Championships.   I also learned this month, that I had ruptured my long head of my bicep tendon, a result of a motorcycle spill early this year that just wasn’t getting better.  Apparently my days of bicep poses are over. :D

The competition in Estonia was excellent and well prepared by the meet directors.  I opened up my squats lights (210 kg/462 lbs.) since the last time I squatted in competition was when I rebroke my toe during the decent.  I had success and then got a depth call on my second attempt, but decided to jump up to 230.5kg (508 lbs.), to break the Masters 1 World Record squat.  It was a successful lift and now my 28th IPF World Record is in the books.
My bench press was also a success with all white lights on my three attempts, ending with a 152.5kg (336 lb.) bench. 

Deadlifts, which are supposed to be ‘my lift’ didn’t go as planned.  I opened with 220 kgs (485 lbs.) with ease, then jumped to 240kgs (529 lbs.) and lost my grip at the top.  That was a first for me in competition.  With a comfortable lead and already securing Gold with my opening deadlift, I jumped to the World Record of 250 kg (551 lbs.), but again, started losing my grip shortly after breaking the floor and no new world record for me that day.

My Results:
Squat: 230.5kg
Bench: 152.5kg
Deadlift: 220kg
Total: 603kg
Wilks: 603.42 (earning the Best Lifter award)

Click here for full meet results.

Where to next?  I am 38 days away from the IPF Open Worlds, which are being held in Orlando, FL this year.  The toughest of all competitions as the best in the world will be there and are hungry for the win. 

I am 43 (almost 44) and IPF Open Worlds will be my 4th International competition this year.  It is important to take care of your body.  Thank you to Metabolic Technologies products: HMB, BetaTOR, and BetaATP in helping the recovery process and keeping this old body going.

Priscilla Ribic
Team HMB
USA Powerlifting – National Team Member

Image © IPF International Powerlifting Federation 2016

Posted on October 11, 2016


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