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2015 USAPL RAW Nationals | Brad Gillingham

I am happy to report that I won my 13th USAPL National Championship in Scranton, Pennsylvania last weekend in the Masters 120+ Class.  This year has been a long tough year coming back from muscle weakness that resulted from the medicine that I was prescribed to help dissolve a blood clot in my lower leg (DVT).  I developed the DVT in May 2014 during a long plane ride back from a competition in Melbourne, Australia.  My strength is coming back, but much slower than I expected. To be honest, my strength levels are not currently high enough to put up a good battle in the Open Class. Being as competitive as I am this was really stressing me out and resulted in losing some confidence in my training. I made a wise choice to only compete in the Masters Division.  I was conservative in my attempts and had a 9/9 day.  This has given me back some much needed confidence on the platform.  I had fun, and I completed my main goal to qualify for the 2016 IPF RAW Masters World Championships.

This meet was the largest meet ever put on by the USAPL.  There were 1100 lifters and they ran 4 platforms at the same time. Considering the amount of competitors the meet ran pretty smooth, but in my opinion it was too big.  Hard to describe what it is like to get ready to lift with this many competitors. Several members of Jackals Gym also competed so I spent some of my time helping coach our team. It was a stressful day in the warm up room getting the guys ready with that many other competitors.  Some of the classes had over 70 competitors. The good news is the USAPL continues to grow and the future of RAW lifting is definitely on the rise.

Earlier in the month I traveled with GNC to Anaheim, California for the NSCA Personal Trainers Conference.  I always enjoy attending these conferences.  There is a lot of great strength training information available during the sessions, and I always learn something new. These NSCA Conferences are also a great opportunity to meet new people and have some good training conversations.  

I will be traveling to Toronto, Ontario in November to speak at the SWIS Conference.  I am looking forward to this great event. Following the SWIS Conference my training will be back in high gear for the 2016 Arnold USAPL International Deadlift Competition.

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Stay Strong!


Posted on October 23, 2015


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