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2015 Ironman Arizona Results

The popular Southwestern race Ironman Arizona was held this past Sunday in Tempe. Team HMB athlete TJ Tollakson competed in this tight race fighting for a podium finish.  TJ finished the race with a time of 8:04:17 and 3rd place overall.  This was the last race of TJ’s season and we look forward to watch next year unfold.

Top 5 Pro Men:

  1. Lionel Sanders 7:58:22
  2. Brent McMahon 8:00:57
  3. TJ Tollakson 8:04:17
  4. Andrew Starykowicz 8:05:56
  5. Jordan Rapp 8:08:05

Top 5 Pro Women:

  1. Meredith Kessler 8:44:00
  2. Amanda Stevens 8:52:31
  3. Julia Gajer 9:03:15
  4. Darbi Roberts 9:05:10
  5. Michelle Vesterby 9:11:31

Click here for full coverage results.

Posted on November 20, 2015


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