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2015 IPF World Masters Women’s Championships

Last Thursday Team HMB athlete Priscilla Ribic competed in the 72 kg class of the IPF World Masters Women’s Championships held in Aurora, CO, USA.  Priscilla had an outstanding performance with a 225 kg squat, 145 kg bench press, and a 248 kg deadlift.  This gave her a total of 618 kg and the gold medal.  Not only that, but she also set a World Record in the deadlift and Masters 1 category with 603 Wilks points.  We are very proud of her performance and wish her luck as she prepares for IPF World Open in Luxembourg in November!

Women’s 72 Kg Class Results:

  1. Priscilla Ribic – 618 kg total
  2. Bryn Inger Hedvig – 417.5 kg total
  3. Killian Rachele – 385 kg total
  4. Hampel Sybille - DSQ

Full results from the meet here.

Posted on October 5, 2015


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