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2014 WBFF World Results

Blog Article ImageCongratulations to all the competitors that took the stage this past weekend at the 2014 WBFF Worlds held in Las Vegas.  Team HMB athlete Carissa Johnson took the stage with over 70 fitness model pros and unfortunately was not able to break the top 10.  We are still very proud of Carissa and her amazing performance.  She looked beautiful and poised on stage.  We look forward to seeing what’s in store for this dedicated athlete.  Below are top 3 results for the event.  To learn more about Carissa please click here.  

Diva Bikini Model Short
1st Nikki Cunha [PRO]
2nd Melanie Lilly [PRO]
3rd Kristie Ireland [PRO]

Diva Bikini Model Tall
1st Stephanie Jane Rowden [PRO]
2nd Brendy Scheerer [PRO]
3rd Stephanie Rush [PRO]

Diva Bikini Model 35+
1st Ramona Ramjit Munoz [PRO]
2nd Sarah Stover
3rd Rebecca Lee Miller

Diva Fitness Model Short
1st Bella Falconi [PRO]
2nd Jessica Grudzinski [PRO]
3rd Mymuna Nasrin [PRO]

Diva Fitness Model Tall
1st Maria Tereza Pntya [PRO]
2nd Sue Lasmer [PRO]
3rd Ashley York [PRO]

Diva Fitness Model 35+
1st Jacqueline Pagano [PRO]
2nd Jessica Meyer [PRO]
3rd Monique Michelle [PRO]

Diva Figure 35+
1st Silvia Finnochi
2nd Nancy Sipe

Diva Figure Model
1st Laura Madge [PRO]
2nd Leslie Ann Armst [PRO]
3rd Kendyl Seawright

Male Fitness Model
1st Tom Coleman [PRO]
2nd Dominick Nicolai [PRO]
3rd Ceval Yildiz [PRO]

Muscle Model
1st Charles Hamilton [PRO]
2nd Nour El Dine Kaaki [PRO]
3rd Andrew [PRO]

Pro Diva Figure Model
1st Emily Stirling
2nd Louise Van Der Nat
3rd Shannon Petralito

Pro Male Fitness Model
1st Shaun stafford
2nd Williams Falade
3rd Justin Gonzales

Pro Muscle Model
1st Wittemberg Adolf
2nd AJ Ellison
3rd Jaco Moolman

Pro Diva Fitness Model
1st Andreia Brazier
2nd Mirella Clark
3rd Ari hernandez

Pro Diva Bikini
1st Amanda Saccomanno
2nd Brittany Coutu
3rd Sandra Radav

Pro Bodybuilder
1st Waldo Garcia Tina
2nd Ignacio Torres
3rd Mijail Barak Molina

For the full results please click here

Posted on August 22, 2014


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