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2014 IFBB Patriots Pro Bikini Results

Blog Article ImageWe would like to congratulate athlete Jennifer Dietrick on her performance this past weekend at the IFBB Patriots Pro Bikini competition.  As always, Jennifer stepped on stage poised and looking beautiful.  With an array of amazing competitors on stage the judges placed Jennifer in 13th overall.  Full results below. 
                  1. Stacey Alexander
                  2. Angela Marquez
                  3. Kelsie Clark
                  4. Liana Hamilton
                  5. Rachelle DeJean
                  6. Lisa Asuncion
                  7. Justine Munro
                  8. Yarishna Ayala
                  9. Iveth Carreon
                  10. Jacklyn Wilson
                  11. Michelle Mein
                  12. Lisa Roy
                  13. Jennifer Dietrick
                  14. Lorena Bucio
                  15. Marcela Cabral
                  16. Mary Dent
                  16. Sandie Knight
                  16. Maysa Quy
                  16. Lynn Sambuco
                  16. Nissan Weaver
                  16. Lindsey Wells

Posted on July 10, 2014


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