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2014 Arnold GNC International Pro Deadlift Results

Blog Article ImageCongratulations to our athletes Bryan Dermody and Brad Gillingham on their performances at the GNC International Pro Deadlift competition at the Arnold Sports Festival this past weekend!  Each of these athletes lifted with an amazing group of international competitors and showed great sportsmanship!

Bryan first pull for the day was 716 lbs., which went up with ease.  He completed his second attempt at 760 lbs. and missed the lockout on his 3rd attempt of 782 lbs.  Bryan will be competing next in the Empire Classic Pro Deadlift in May.

Brad started off his first attempt with a pull of 771 lbs.  His second attempt was 815 lbs., which was Brad’s 100th time lifting over 800 lbs. in a competition, a tremendous feat!  Then he called out 843 lbs. for his last attempt and Brad definitely left some in the tank as he lifted it with ease.  This pull placed Brad 2nd place overall in the event.  Brad will be competing next in the IPF Pacific Classic Invitational in Melbourne, Australia in April. 

We are very proud of both of these athletes and look forward to seeing them continue to pull some big numbers in the near future!

Click here to watch these athletes performance at the GNC International Pro Deadlift!

Men’s Results:
                  1.  Ian Bell
                  2.  Brad Gillingham
                  3.  Krzysztof Wierzbicki
                  4.  Gregory Johnson
                  5.  Mike Hedlesky

Women’s Results:
                  1.  Kimberly Walford
                  2.  Alyssa Hitchcock
                  3.  Inger Blikra

Posted on March 6, 2014


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