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2014 Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships Results

Blog Article ImageWe would like to congratulate Team HMB athlete Spenser Remick on his performance at the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships!  This competition is an invite only event that brings strongman athletes from all over the world to compete.  The first event started with a heavy dumbbell press for reps in 60 seconds.  Spenser was able to get 1 rep, where many strongmen were unable to even lift this implement.  Next up was the super yoke where Spenser moved the yoke 75 feet in 23.42 seconds.  Then he competed in a heavy stone load and the 4th event was a farmer’s carry that took him 12.23 seconds to carry 75 feet.  Last prelim event was the deadlift where he hit 11 reps in the allotted 75 seconds.  After the 5 grueling events Spenser had 70.5 points placing him in 22nd overall.  The top 10 men went on to finals on Sunday. 

It’s an honor to have Spenser on Team HMB and for him to be invited to the prestigious Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships!  We look forward to seeing what’s in store the rest of the season for Spencer.

Men’s Top 10 Results:
                  1.  Mateusz Kieliszkowski
                  2.  Andrew Clayton
                  3.  Ben Ruckstuhl
                  4.  Nicholas Lepperd
                  5.  Alan Colley
                  6.  Casey Garrison
                  7.  John Posen
                  8.  Michal Kopacki
                  9.  Matt Mills
                  10.  Tommy Miller

Click here for full results from the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships!

Posted on March 7, 2014


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