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2013 Strongman Season

Blog Article ImageAs many of you know, I ended my 2012 season in almost the worst way possible, with a broken and severely sprained ankle. Since then I have been slowly recovering and doing what I can to maintain strength, as well as find new ways to challenge myself. Because of this, I am really looking forward to competing in a contest but it is still a ways away. I had to decline my invitation to compete in the Amateur World Championships at the Arnold this year. The extremely heavy weights at this contest are just not realistically achievable at this point in my recovery process. Luckily for me, in a sport like strongman there are tons of competitions and missing the beginning of a season doesn’t ruin the whole year. My main focus is to be my best ever for 105K Pro Nationals this year. Anything else I get to do this year will simply be a bonus.

Like I said, I have found a few new ways to challenge myself. I’ve been working a lot of grip training, with the main focus being grippers and fat bar work. Aside from this I have been getting a lot more volume work done for my upper body. I’m excited to see what kind of impact this has when I can get back into full on strongman mode.

Recovery from any injury can be very mentally and physically draining. Appropriate exercise, mental approach, and nutrition are all a huge part of the process. I’ve really been making sure I get a lot of protein in my diet, along with BCAA’s and especially HMB to compliment this. Proper nutrition along with a progressive exercise regimen is the key to recovering, and I will be showing the strongman world a 100% Justin Blake in 2013.

Posted on January 28, 2013


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