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2013 NPC Shawn Ray Classic Results

Blog Article ImageA big congratulations goes out to Danyelle Mastarone for taking 2nd place this weekend in Figure Class A at the Shawn Ray Classic!  Danyelle will be competing again in two weeks at the North American National Championships!

Figure Class A Results:
1.  Tiffany Bryant
2.  Danyelle Mastarone
3.  Ashley Dolan
4.  Puja Siegman
5.  Kristine Deluca
6.  Stephanie Boucher
7.  Jill Bakner
8.  Armedis Kavaldjian
9.  Dawn Robinson

Overall Class Winners:
Open Men Physique: Brian Hay
Novice Men: Kyle Laws
Open Men: Omas Bautista
Open Figure: Angelica Driskell
Open Bikini: Maria Parrarga

Full results can be found here!

Posted on August 19, 2013


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