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2013 North American Strongman Nationals Results

Blog Article ImageThis past weekend was the 2013 North American Strongman (NAS) Nationals!  Two of Team HMB athletes Justin Blake and Spenser Remick competed in this competitive event.  Six events were completed over the two days.  The events included: axle clean and press, frame carry, car deadlift for reps, giant wheel barrow load and carry, yoke, press medley, and atlas stone carry and load over bar. 

Spenser Remick competed in the Super Heavy Weight Class and after completing two grueling days with 6 total events Spenser placed 19th overall. 

Justin Blake competed in the 105kg Pro Class and competed the same 6 events to take 5th overall.

We are very proud of both of these athletes and are glad that HMB is able to assist them in their intense training and competitions.

Arnold Qualifiers/Placings:

Women’s Lightweight:
                  1.  Stephanie Trope
                  2.  Kristyn Whisman
                  3.  Phoebe Sanyer
                  4.  Tracy Stankovag

Women’s Middleweight:
                  1.  Kim Baum
                  2.  Alanna Casey
                  3.  Maya Winters
                  4.  Sarah Markus

Women’s Heavyweight:
                  1.  Kristin Rhodes
                  2.  Danielle Curry
                  3.  Kim Zimmerman
                  4.  Candace Artym
                  5.  Amy Wattles
                  6.  Sharon Moss
                  7.  Lacy Okey
                  8.  Amenah Razeghi
                  9.  Nia Llenas
                  10.  Sarah Snyder

Men’s Fitness:
                  1.  Patrick Castelli
                  2.  Quint Zambon
                  3.  Devon Reese
                  4.  Matthew Lacroix
                  5.  Feisel Sulelman
                  6.  John Alderson
                  7.  Kalle Beck
                  8.  Travis Lucas
                  9.  Tim Kovach
                  10.  Patrick Davidson

Men’s Overall Heavyweight:
                  1.  Casey Garrison
                  2.  Zack McCarley
                  3.  Andrew Clayton
                  4.  Nick Lepperd
                  5.  Sean Doyle
                  6.  John Posen
                  7.  Josh Reynolds
                  8.  Lou Costa
                  9.  Sean Demarinis
                  10.  Sam Grammer
                  11.  Ethan Farkas
                  12.  Wesley Clabborn
                  13.  Chris Myers
                  14.  Alan Colley
                  15.  Jason Nunn

For the full results from the event please click here!

Posted on October 23, 2013


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