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2013 Muscle Contest Pro

Blog Article ImageLast weekend was another great show with a lot of great competitors. I’ve been competing in Jon Lindsay’s shows for years and he always puts on a fabulous show. After every one, I often here the same questions that I am answering in this blog.

The first question is, “How did you do?” I feel as though it is difficult to answer this question because how I felt doesn’t always match my placing. There are times when I feel like I did well and didn’t place well and vice versa. There are also many factors involved and ones that can change from show to show such as competitors, judges, and lighting for stage.

Then the previous question leads to the next, “What are the judges looking for?” Any competition that is judged is subjective although some have distinct criteria. The bikini division is the most subjective competition I have been involved in throughout my competitive years. Being judged is a topic I always discuss with my competitive clients. There are many different factors that are entered into someone’s placing. Naturally, the physique is one of them along with posing, suit, hair, make up, jewelry, and presentation. You may see a competitor with one or two of these components looking extraordinary and expecting them to place high. In the end, all of them come into play and the judge’s opinion may not be the same as yours. The judging being a combination of all these factors and people sometimes thinking it is only one or a few explains the confusion among many. For this past show, I felt that my tan was off and my makeup didn’t stand out as much. I always assess what I want to improve upon after each show regardless of my placing.

The last of the questions is, “So why do you compete?” I have worked very hard on my physique and made improvements with the help of HMB over the years. These shows are a way of displaying my physique and hard work. I often use the analogy of an artist working on a sculpture for years and then wanting to display his/her work. Another reason is that I love the competitive spirit, especially since I have been competing since I was a kid. I also do it to promote a healthy lifestyle to inspire others to do so as well. Naturally, everyone wants to win, including myself, yet the other reasons I mentioned are far more important.

If you would like to know what motivates me, check out my HMB video answering this question along with all the other Team HMB athletes’ videos. Stay tuned until next time as I am searching for my next Jiu Jitsu tournament! Happy training!

Posted on March 18, 2013


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