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2013 IPF Classic World Championships - Suzdal, Russia

Blog Article ImageMy training cycle is finished and now it is time to compete in the 2013 IPF Classic World Championships in Suzdal, Russia. This is the inaugural Classic (RAW) World Championship for the IPF. Last year the IPF sanctioned the IPF Classic World Cup in Stockholm, Sweden.  Due to the success of that event the IPF Congress voted to make the 2013 event an Official World Championship. I have been a supporter of the RAW movement for many years, and I feel fortunate to have been able to stick around long enough in the sport to compete in the first IPF RAW World Championship.  As a bonus, I coach three Junior Lifters (Sam Derynck, Tony Schwebach, and Luke Klein) that will be competing at the same time in the Junior World Championship.

We will have a long journey to Suzdal. We will be flying from Minnesota to New York and then 11 hours to Moscow.  This will then be followed by a 3-4 hour bus ride from Moscow to Suzdal.  I still have nightmares of the 3-4 hour bus ride in 1998 between Kiev and Cherkasey, Ukraine…..bumpy dirt roads, polka music, a mixture of exhaust fumes and cigar smoke and several military check points.  I am hopeful that this one will be better. From what I have read about Suzdal; it looks like a small rural town with lots of history. We will not have much time to look around as Sam will be competing the day after arrival.  Tony will have 3 days, Luke will be on Saturday and I will compete on Sunday. All three of these guys have trained very well and will compete for medals.

My training for this event was a struggle at times….. working around a chronic glute and hamstring injury that has plagued me for 2 years.  The good news is that I finally got brave enough to get an MRI on my hip, and the MRI did not show any significant damage to my hip joint. Following the MRI I spent some time with an athletic trainer and a physical therapist and found an effective method to stretch and rehab the injury.  My training improved significantly towards the end of my cycle.  My squat will be down considerably, but I finished strong in the deadlift (6x735) and Bench (3x500). I am hopeful that I can find a place on the medal platform.

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Posted on June 5, 2013


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