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2013 IFBB North American Championships Results

Blog Article ImageA big congratulation goes out to our very own Danyelle Mastarone on her performance this past weekend in the IFBB North American Championships!  Danyelle looked absolutely stunning on stage against this competitive arena of female athletes and finished in 11th place in Figure Class A.  We are very proud to have her as a part of Team HMB!

Figure Class A Results:
                  1. Geri Villalona
                  2. Rachelle Carter
                  3. Melissa Girard
                  4. Monica Lopez Jauregui
                  5. Martha Tierney
                  6. Adriana Medina
                  7. Huong Vo
                  8. Colleen McMahon
                  9. Christy Burnett
                  10. Vickie Biberian
                  11. Danyelle Mastarone
                  12. Megan Rigby
                  13. Kelly Helena
                  13. Tracy Pruitt
                  15. Norvis Arias
                  16. Erika Guerra

Overall Results:
                  Men’s Bodybuilding: Akim Williams
                  Men’s Physique: Tyler Stines
                  Women’s Bodybuilding: Glenese Markes
                  Women’s Physique: Desunka Dawson
                  Figure: Erin Ehrlich
                  Bikini: Barbara Gonzalez
                  Fitness: Kimberly Stroup

For full results from the 2013 North American Championships please click here.

Posted on September 3, 2013


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