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2013 IFBB Iron Games Pro Bikini Results

Blog Article ImageA big congratulation goes to our very own Jennifer Dietrick.  As always Jennifer took the stage this weekend at the 2013 IFBB Iron Games Pro Bikini with poise and confidence in her new red suit.  Amidst all the beautiful/tough competitors at the show the judges ended up placing her 14th.  We are very proud of Jennifer and glad that HMB is able to assist her in training.

IFBB Iron Games Pro Bikini Results:
                  1.  Taylor Matheny
                  2.  Narmin Assria
                  3.  Noy Alexander
                  4.  Candice Conroy
                  5.  Jessica Arevalo
                  6.  Janelle Saitone-McGuire
                  7.  Jessica James
                  8.  Ronda Porter
                  9.  Liana Hamilton
                  10.  Nikola Weiterova
                  11.  Karey A Grabow
                  12.  Jennifer Hohnbaum
                  13.  Belinda Kiriakou
                  14.  Jennifer Dietrick
                  14.  Lisa Valdez
                  16.  Stacey Naito

Posted on November 11, 2013


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